The Nytron Aerospace manufacturing facility, and workflow throughout, has been organized following lean manufacturing principles. Lean manufacturing is applied across all operations from design engineering, tooling and parts manufacturing, through product assembly and inspection.

To meet the off-load needs of our customers, we offer a full range of sub-assembly integration services, including testing, qualification and certification of finished assemblies, supplier management and program management. In addition, we manufacture aerospace structures, components, and assemblies at every level of complexity – from machined parts to fully integrated mechanical assemblies.

Mechanical and Sub-Assemblies

  Assemble to drawing


Bearing installation

  Ball Staking

Bushing Installation

  Shrink fit
  Press fit


Honing Service

  0.125 to  3.500 inside diameter. Hone bushing to final size per blueprint in house.


Ground Stud installation

Lock Wire Lanyard Assembly

  Safety Cable Assembly


  Heli-coil Inserts
  Lee Plugs
  Rosan Fittings
  Riveting Blind Rivets
  Blind Bolts
  Cherry Max
  Cherry Lock
  Huck Bolts


Adhesive Bonding

 NAS / MS Hardware

Sheet Metal Assembly


Turnkey Projects

Production Machining

Production runs from 200pcs to 100,000pcs

Turnkey Projects

Rapid Prototype Machining

Advanced Rapid Prototyping Technology

Assembly Equipment

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